Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animation Reel

Heres the link to see it in better quality:

Reel Breakdown: 

"Forest Scene" - Fairy Tale Senior Thesis (Photoshop/After Effects)
"Ugly Duckling" - (Flash/ After Effects)
"Bedroom Scene" - Fairy Tale Senior Thesis (Photoshop/ After Effects)
"5 Speed Racer Animations" - Animation Collective Cartoon - Responsible for Animation (Flash)
"City & Beach Scenes" - KAFI Group Project "Weather Solutions" - Design & Animation (Flash/ AE)
"Gretel Rotation"- (Flash/ After Effects)
"Girl Dancing" - (Flash (Rotoscope)
"Lil Devil" - (Flash/ Photoshop)
"3 Super Heroes" - (CoreRetas/ Paintman)
"LoveBug" - (Flash)
"Trick or Trick" - (Flash)
"Rough Fairy Tale Thesis Animations" - (Hand-Drawn/ After Effects)
"Falling Leaves" - (Flash)

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